Cross - A Fictional Walk with Androulla Michael

Androulla is a heavily pregnant artist living a very extreme reality of the tumultuous times we are all subject to. During lockdown she continued her Cross Project – that she started two years ago whilst recovering from a mentally abusive relationship – to maintain a positive and creative outlet.

This project is a documentation of the intersecting lines found in the corners of the banalities of everyday life, appearing in the shadows of a tree, in the cracks of floors or in the meeting of clouds and the infinite blue. These symbols, often ephemeral in nature, are caught in moments between the boundaries of space; light and dark; past and present; memory and anticipation - making Androulla’s capturing of them just as weighted, miraculous and beautiful as the images themselves.

Below includes a link to the project that was written by Sean Hendley and published online for Storehouse Magazine – the official magazine of Norwich University of the Arts Students’ Union.

The written piece by Sean Hendley is based on the socially distanced communication that he had with Androulla – over the phone, through emails and the sharing of media – whilst in lockdown, and is designed to give the reader a truly intimate understanding of the Cross Project, and Androulla herself, in a way that also offers a means of escape from the social seclusion endured over the past few months.

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