In tumultuous times Androulla focuses her mind and energy into positive outlets, documenting found marks that gesture the sign of the cross, in the banalities of everyday life. These appear in the shadows of a wall or tree, in the cracks of floors, or in the meeting of clouds and the infinite blue. These symbols, often ephemeral in nature, are caught in moments between the boundaries of light, shadow and space; past and present; memory and anticipation, making Androulla's capturing of them just as weightless, miraculous and beautiful. These collectively can be seen as "via crucis" – physical markers of her journey in finding her positive self.

"In times of trouble, we tend to see everything in a negative light... In this space, I’d go on long walks and always find myself fixated on the horizon. But the horizon, to me, looked like one long ‘minus sign’, a definite negativity wherever I went. I realised that if I kept walking, eventually I would find something to subvert the horizontality of what was in front of me. Soon I would find a tree, or a post, or a building that would turn that ‘minus’, a negative, into a ‘plus’, a positive sign, quite figuratively.”

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